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Moving, jobs, and all kinds of other things have been preoccupying my time. I typically just use this blog to sound off on politics and geeky coder and mobile nerd stuff. I want to do more comedic writing on here, but I prefer to do that on Twitter. It keeps me from writing 10 paragraphs […]

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Most NBA fans have some sort of an opinion about the issue with Royce White’s situation with the Houston Rockets. Most people should know about it because the story, by and large, the league and sports media has presented is biased, shameful, and bigoted.

AT&T and Verizon both came out a long time ago against the notion of Network Neutrality. They really, really want to pipe bandwidth to “special customers” who can pay for it, and limit bandwidth to those customers who can’t…primarily because it’s a revenue stream. It doesn’t matter that AT&T and Verizon are both crazy profitable […]

For about 8 years, I defined myself as a mobile developer. What this essentially meant was that I would take a job with a company to help them create a mobile application that would integrate with a big chunk of their infrastructure, or their enterprise applications…something like that.

My car stereo will play MP3’s off a CD, but it plays them alphabetically. Which means that the only way I can get them to play in the order I want is to prefix them with a value I want. This program does that. Here it is. Download it. Download it right from here!

I heard that a school here in town banned hugs. Apparently, middle school kids were hugging TOO much. Now, my first response was “what kind of neo-puritan fascist crap is this?” Then I heard the other side…apparently, kids hug each other so much before classes that they’re late for class, and they “peer pressure” other […]


So, we started off the week watching the Saints play the dirtiest game they could possibly muster against the Vikings. Literally, Gregg Williams admitted that his game plan was to have his guys ignore penalties and try to injure a 40 year old future Hall of Famer. I’d say that’s going to come back to […]

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Okay, so my old, exceptionally expensive laptop’s graphic cards blew up. Don’t work. Then my desktop died. Thankfully, in a pinch of spend craziness, I bought a sub-400 dollar netbook last year (MSi Wind, great netbook by the way)…and I used that to get myself a job. Had two offers on the table, one was […]

Allow me to provide a perspective for you from the perspective of someone who came dangerously close to the point of no return. This will most likely offend your sensibilities, so be warned. Yes, it’s about society. More importantly, it’s about your society, and your social mores, and whether or not you participated in this, […]

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Okay, maybe that headline does real gamer nerds a disservice, as I only play one computer game anymore…when I have mental blocks and just don’t want to go outside for a bit. So I play Fallout 3.  It’s the last game I’ve paid for (almost a year ago).  When you only play like one game, […]