Three points about the Occupy movement: Why I really, really, really get pissed off at people who obviously don’t know what the hell they’re talking about try and turn those people’s effort into the butt of an unfunny joke.

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After rereading a certain person I am acquainted with’s blog again…I realized something even more fundamental: That guy is apparently turned on and motivated by the process of organization. The simplicity of a message, or the concept. He likes a concept, a movement, to be neatly wrapped, tightly packaged, and his real interest is in […]

This post is going to get used to reply to anyone I feel doesn’t understand what Occupy Wall Street and its movement is about. First things first, the media has decided for everyone that this is a left wing/liberal/progressive movement. Which is completely wrong. They have made this assumption because they feel it is easier […]

AT&T and Verizon both came out a long time ago against the notion of Network Neutrality. They really, really want to pipe bandwidth to “special customers” who can pay for it, and limit bandwidth to those customers who can’t…primarily because it’s a revenue stream. It doesn’t matter that AT&T and Verizon are both crazy profitable […]

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Okay, time’s almost up for Oregonians to pick their next governor (and no…the Republicans aren’t winning this one…their candidates frankly suck. Alley? Dudley? No star power there. A center that Blazer fans used to make fun of and a guy no one cares about with a name that kinda rhymes. Ron Lim has the most […]

I heard that a school here in town banned hugs. Apparently, middle school kids were hugging TOO much. Now, my first response was “what kind of neo-puritan fascist crap is this?” Then I heard the other side…apparently, kids hug each other so much before classes that they’re late for class, and they “peer pressure” other […]


It’s so, so simple. Look, stop giving money to politicians. When they look at you, with that longing, pained look in their eyes because they need to finance another commercial…pull your wallet away. Put your wallet right back in your pocket.


So, we started off the week watching the Saints play the dirtiest game they could possibly muster against the Vikings. Literally, Gregg Williams admitted that his game plan was to have his guys ignore penalties and try to injure a 40 year old future Hall of Famer. I’d say that’s going to come back to […]

I heard that line again. If there is one phrase from this last decade that needs to die, it’s “We fight them there, so we don’t have to fight them here!” How, pray tell, do you stand up and cheer at the Olympics for a nation of people who hide and cower behind their troops […]

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Okay, so my old, exceptionally expensive laptop’s graphic cards blew up. Don’t work. Then my desktop died. Thankfully, in a pinch of spend craziness, I bought a sub-400 dollar netbook last year (MSi Wind, great netbook by the way)…and I used that to get myself a job. Had two offers on the table, one was […]