…this is a recipe that my old roommate taught me about 10 years ago. He grew up in Punjab, which according to him is kind of the “hard-ass” part of India. It’s kind of right there between Pakistan and Kashmir, so I’d have to agree.

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Moving, jobs, and all kinds of other things have been preoccupying my time. I typically just use this blog to sound off on politics and geeky coder and mobile nerd stuff. I want to do more comedic writing on here, but I prefer to do that on Twitter. It keeps me from writing 10 paragraphs […]

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Most NBA fans have some sort of an opinion about the issue with Royce White’s situation with the Houston Rockets. Most people should know about it because the story, by and large, the league and sports media has presented is biased, shameful, and bigoted.

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This is going to be a little nerdy, so if you bail, that’s fine.

I’m really, really getting sick of Android as a prevalent mobile OS.

Three points about the Occupy movement: Why I really, really, really get pissed off at people who obviously don’t know what the hell they’re talking about try and turn those people’s effort into the butt of an unfunny joke.

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After rereading a certain person I am acquainted with’s blog again…I realized something even more fundamental: That guy is apparently turned on and motivated by the process of organization. The simplicity of a message, or the concept. He likes a concept, a movement, to be neatly wrapped, tightly packaged, and his real interest is in […]

This post is going to get used to reply to anyone I feel doesn’t understand what Occupy Wall Street and its movement is about. First things first, the media has decided for everyone that this is a left wing/liberal/progressive movement. Which is completely wrong. They have made this assumption because they feel it is easier […]


And to get it out of the way, when I say “webOS”, people, I’m talking about the Palm Pre. The Veer, TouchPad, Pixi, Pre2, and Pre3. Okay?

AT&T and Verizon both came out a long time ago against the notion of Network Neutrality. They really, really want to pipe bandwidth to “special customers” who can pay for it, and limit bandwidth to those customers who can’t…primarily because it’s a revenue stream. It doesn’t matter that AT&T and Verizon are both crazy profitable […]

For about 8 years, I defined myself as a mobile developer. What this essentially meant was that I would take a job with a company to help them create a mobile application that would integrate with a big chunk of their infrastructure, or their enterprise applications…something like that.