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Moving, jobs, and all kinds of other things have been preoccupying my time.

I typically just use this blog to sound off on politics and geeky coder and mobile nerd stuff. I want to do more comedic writing on here, but I prefer to do that on Twitter. It keeps me from writing 10 paragraphs to tell what should be a 2 sentence joke.

Maybe I’ll do more picture taking. There’s that. That’s pretty fun. I live right by the river, for pete’s sake, and walk up the trail 4-5 times a day. I also get out of town as often as I can and explore, so I’ve got all these great pictures of weird places I go.

I’m burning out hard on politics like anyone does after an election year. At this point, it’s all too ridiculous to deal with. I can’t defend an administration that thinks assassination is an awesome idea, nor can I defend people who think rich people shouldn’t have to pay the same percentage of taxes that a person struggling to make ends meet is paying. You can only shout so long about trying to keep the planet even halfway livable that you just get to a point where you just say to yourself “maybe we’ll adapt somehow”. After awhile, it just feels pointless to argue about…you’re not debating an issue, you’re telling someone that the code they live by is flawed and then they get hurt. Even when you don’t want to hurt anyone.

I know my last blog was kind of about sports, but it was really about mental health, and anxiety in particular. It’s a disorder that no one without it understands. Too many people confuse it with fear because they have felt fear, but they’ve never felt their brain actually disconnect and completely lose control of their reason while at the same time they’re furious at themselves for losing control. Thankfully, the situations I deal with I’ve been able to fight through…most people with it simply can’t and have to take meds.

The mobile world has nothing really interesting going on in it anymore. New iPhone, new Android…don’t care. Just lost interest. No one is doing something that really catches my eye and makes me say “wow”. I did the mobile thing for a long time, and every so often there’s a product where I feel strongly that they’re doing something new and really awesome…but the big powers usually do everything in their ability to smash it down. All the while offering nothing new and groundbreaking. Little tweaks, things people have expected for months if not years…it’s pretty much turned ho hum for me. I’ve been using smartphones before anyone knew what a smartphone was, so it’s lost all of its luster for me.

Music and comedy still leave me in awe and wonderment quite often. Art seems to still be blowing my mind, so that’s where my head is at now. Still a lot of science out there that’s amazing. There’s a lot out there that still blows me away and a lot I can still learn. Just a change and broadening in interests. That’s why I’m going to post damn near everything in “stuff” because that’s how it is now.

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