1. Q: But they’re pooping on the street! And throwing poop at people!
A: Wrong. The majority of the Occupiers are essentially really, really frustrated people who have been frustrated at the progress of government, how much of it is bought and owned by the corporations that robbed us blind. They go out there for a few hours and be frustrated with other people so they’re not frustrated AND alone.

But but but…the Fox News said so! They’re all thugs and criminals!!! I heard they want…Socialism!

Wrong. It’s true that there are a lot of street kids that have been lurking around it, but frankly, if they’re not there, they’re going to be somewhere else. That’s what street kids do. They’re going to be drawn into that sort of thing because it provides them some semblance of cover and safety to hide within a large crowd.

And as for “socialism”, no, I haven’t heard anyone asking for the government to directly take over all means of production and nationalize them. Not even the banks. I just hear people wanting the government to investigate and hold accountable the criminals who robbed all of us taxpayers blind with “financial instruments” that were used as a justification to literally grab cash, run, and let the banks holding the empty bag get bailed out by taxpayers…only to see those banks not reinvest that money in loans to small business to spur job growth. There are a few socialists that show up, but you know what? If you’re a socialist and you live in America, I’m sure you’re very frustrated with the economic climate and of course you’re angry! And there probably aren’t a lot of people around you to feel angry with, so of course you’re going to participate in those events.

2. Q: “The “movement” stands for nothing! It’s just a lot of people being angry and stuff!!!”
A: Wrong. The organizers of OWS have been working on it for over a year and a half. They have a very defined message that, as a result of how widespread this movement has been (and how it’s had a direct effect on a number of establishment candidates that are losing face over it on a local level…and this applies to those within both major political parties), everyone is trying to co-opt it, stick their people down there, “guide” the movement…whatever. They’ve had a message from the start and that message drew those people down there.

And the simple fact that our country’s policies and the number of problems we’re faced with are so numerous is going to cause a lot of those people to have very diverse reasons for being politically active…but they’re actually there for the same reason. So there IS a message and it IS a movement. Or try telling the people in the affiliated Syrian and Egyptian movements that there isn’t a message. They protested much of the same corruption within their governments. And if a Fox News person finds one person out there that doesn’t know what the movement is about…well, that’s not hard to find anywhere. If you walk down the street and ask someone for directions, they might not know how to get to where you want to go. They might give you bad directions. Some of these people are just angry. They know they’re being fucked, but they don’t know the details. They don’t know who is fucking them, they don’t know how it’s happening, but they feel that their options to apply their learned skills and abilities for income are just not there. That their country and their society failed to give them opportunities and a fair shot (and believe me, if you ever tried taking your expensive college degree that you will have to pay down regardless of the income you make, with no experience into an interview, you might understand).

3. Q: “But what is it going to accomplish? Why are they even there! Why aren’t they just content to keep working day by day, and just do okay like I have been!”
A: Here’s a simple fact: 31% of Americans are polling to be ANGRY at Government and Congress. 80% disapprove. This level of dissatisfaction has risen dramatically since two events occurred: 1. Republicans taking the House of Representatives in 2010 and repeatedly blocking all legislation created to attempt to spur job growth and mitigate the unemployment crisis. 2. The Supreme Court’s passing of an activist decision (which has been one that has been brought up multiple times over the past couple hundred years and turned down repeatedly) to essentially say that Corporations were people. Therefore they have First Amendment protections and they can slander and campaign for whatever political candidate they want without having to follow campaign finance laws. So, basically, as long as you have big corporations behind you, you can drown out your opponents message with a bunch of nonsense and win elections.

Most people, if you were paying attention, learned in junior high civics class (if you still even had to take it as I did) that it has long been known idea that if 33% of the population are actively angry at the government, that country is ripe for a revolution.

So, if you can’t figure out why those people are down there protesting, maybe you’re not part of that 31% that is actively angry. So it’s pretty obvious that either you’re doing a lot better than they are, or you are the type of person that doesn’t really mind being screwed over. In that case, I just feel bad for you, not having the sense of self-worth and pride to fight back…go out kicking and screaming…and not just ducking your heads and shuffling off in line.

If you think the OWS protests are ugly, you have NO idea how ugly a real revolution is. I sure don’t. All I know is what I’ve read in books, and I can tell second hand it’s some seriously horrible stuff.

Lastly…the left has performed little, concise, prepackaged movements for the past 30 years, repeatedly. And yet, we’re no better off for it…maybe a few wins here and there, but generally speaking, the machine just kept running the country down the drain on its own schedule, and those protests didn’t really affect very much. Even with the elections in 2006 and 2008, you didn’t need a protest to learn how wasteful the Iraq and Afghanistan wars turned out to be, nor did you need a movement to see how poor the establishment’s response was to Katrina or their inability to catch the criminal that kicked off both of those wars.

Now do you see why I get ticked off when assholes keep posting “movement for no reason” or other similar nonsense. It’s just so stupid, so ignorant…and I see it coming from people that friends of mine consider “intelligent people”. I can’t figure out why I have so many really, really stupid friends and it’s a big part of the reason I can’t stand to spend a lot of time with them. It just makes me sad.

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