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After rereading a certain person I am acquainted with’s blog again…I realized something even more fundamental:

That guy is apparently turned on and motivated by the process of organization. The simplicity of a message, or the concept. He likes a concept, a movement, to be neatly wrapped, tightly packaged, and his real interest is in that process. He likes a movement that you can put a stamp on and say “this is what they believe!” Then they contribute money to something by passing the offering dish around, and make people who don’t have an offering feel bad for being there. Then they all hear that they have to support a politician, a political measure, or one specific idea.

These sorts of “actions” have been held for many, many years. There hasn’t been a true populist movement directed from the left since the 1930’s in this country. When that happened, true, fundamental change happened. Our society changed, our laws changed, our economy changed, our outlook changed. We went from being a frontier country to being the greatest superpower in the world with those populist ideas and philosophies, no matter how conservatives attempt to rewrite history.

What motivates me is truth. What makes me take part in something is a feeling that me, with all my various ideas and beliefs that don’t precisely fit in any category can feel comfortable being with people that have a shared, singular ideal. What I like is being around people who feel free to speak that truth, to believe in whatever they believe in. Even though I don’t really want to believe in things, but rather, just know or don’t know. But knowing that people around me feel free to be free with their ideas is what inspires and motivates me. Tightly packaged, socially normed events don’t motivate me. They smell of a lack of truth, a feeling that everyone has to walk one direction and do something one way. A fear that they may be misrepresented by observers is depressing. Everyone marching in line makes me fundamentally worried that there are people there who don’t feel free, who can’t be truthful, who can’t feel that they can speak their mind and maybe, possibly contribute to a movement or an idea with their own individual ideas. Even if they’re bad ones, someone put thought and effort into them, and that’s a beautiful thing, because that idea may make the overall ideal stronger.

The New Deal is like that. It’s not one idea, neatly packaged and prepared…it was a LOT of ideas wrapped up into one. The result of a major populist movement that started in the 19th century, and evolved to become mainstream. It was a lot of ideas that were bound around a singular message: “We can’t let our fellow countrymen be ground under the wheel of financial progress.”

That ideal is still alive today, and that ideal is embedded deeply within the hearts of the Occupiers. They’re out there braving the cold to make that point. They’re out there being arrested, being harassed, gassed, and humiliated on mass media to make that point. You hit a very, very exposed nerve when you question their resolve and you question the support of those people. When you “pooh pooh” them and you’re not one of them, you’re an amazing bastard.

I like what’s in the package, the ideals that are inside the wrapping. The wrapping is a product of fear of perception, fear of those who have a vested interest in fighting your idea with misrepresentations and lies.

The media goes so far as to call all of them “trust fund kids” who “throw poop at each other” and “do drugs all the time”. It’s an obvious lie…it doesn’t take a lot of effort to hire a couple people to go out to a park and put on a little show for the camera…and even if it’s valid, it’s occurrence is only in an extreme minority of situations. But if you say it over and over and over again, eventually people begin to believe its true.

I hate lies. I hate it when people lie to themselves. And I hate it when people encourage lies like that. And when they spread those lies like “they don’t stand for anything!” “they’re all over the place!” “they’re all a bunch of thugs!”. These are out and out lies. I’ve been down there and I’ve seen all of it first hand. I work 2 blocks away. When you recycle lies over and over, they begin to become truth with a lot of people.

I’ve watched the police lie. I watched two policemen, last summer, shoot pistols at a guy who was lying on the ground behind a dumpster across from my house. The official story? The cops used a shotgun that fired beanbags, but…OOPS! They forgot there was live ammo in that gun. Maybe they shot that gun at him when he was running up Naito, I don’t know, but I watched them shoot handguns at a guy who was lying on the ground and was obviously not a threat. The detective wouldn’t even knock on my door, he wouldn’t even come up and ask if I saw anything. The entire freaking police force AND the mayor was in my neighborhood, and they all bought that lie. The first people who responded to the shooting? A police medic. Put it all together in your head. Every media organization that didn’t bother to talk to me (until a couple dropped by the next morning) didn’t even bother to interview me. I made myself available. I sat by my front door. I went outside and pulled weeds, right in front of the detective that was standing right outside my door all morning.

The point of that story? All the cops had to do to make that lie a reality was to repeat it over and over, and let the media do the job. Now, think about it: How often, do you think, this really goes on? Maybe the truth slips through once in awhile to keep us buying the line.

When something isn’t honest, it’s probably a lie. That’s just how reality vs. fantasy works. It’s the only thing in this world that is still black and white. There’s real, and there’s fake. Even if you think something is a shade of gray, if you break a statement down far enough, you’ll find some parts that are lies, and some that are true. I try really hard to keep things true, and it’s hurt me a lot, personally, over the years. I keep my feelings in the open, and when something strikes a nerve, I unload. If you’ve ever been around me when I unload, then you know what I’m talking about. But afterward, I feel a lot better…because if this is a person I’m unloading on, the remediation is that I’ve decided that person isn’t someone who possesses any qualities worth any respect. It takes awhile for that respect to come back, a lot of truth wins it back.

I wish I could just accept people as ignorant and requiring more information to make a truthful statement. I really wish I could. But when I feel like a person has reached a conclusion and has shut themselves off to that additional information, that’s when things get bad because I realize that someone I know and had previously respected has committed themselves to a lie and will most likely continue to push that lie around.

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