written by: zullnero

I just do stuff, okay?  Have a dog and a bird and live in my house in downtown Portland.  I do a lot of software for mobile devices, web development, os development, client/server, that kind of stuff.  If you’ve ever interviewed me and I failed to persuade you that I know my stuff, I’ll have you know that I interview extremely poorly.  If I couldn’t do what I do for a living, I wouldn’t still be doing it after 10 years.

I also have a crapload of opinions, hence, the need for a blog to express said opinions.  Or they sit in my head and fester and would presumably drive me insane.  Anyone who sees the world and thinks that it could be better kind of has to blog, or else they have to live their lives festering.

Just one last thing: Feel free to leave comments. However, what my anti-spam plugin judges is spam, I’m deleting. That means, don’t try to use my blog to flack your stupid crap. Ask me first. Otherwise, I highlight everything in the spam folder, and POOF! It’s deleted. Sorry bout that.